DUA – Don’t Use Acronyms!

With the increase in matrixed management and the blurring of lines between business and technical teams, project consultants cannot safely assume that today’s hiring managers have the same knowledge-base as previous managers. So take some time to scan through your resume, and replace acronyms with the full names of applications/vendors/documents/methodologies you’re including.

A well-credentialed PMP Project Manager who has never worked in the financial sector may mistake the ALS on a resume for Lou Gehrig's Disease, not understand that it means Advanced Lending Solutions, and reject a uniquely qualified Business Systems Analyst resume out of ignorance.

A PM with a history of Technical Delivery leadership and only peripheral knowledge of the Define stage, may mistake BRD for Federal Republic of Germany (hey! It’s a global economy, right?) or Blackrock Depths (geek!).

Spell out your acronyms – don’t assume that everyone knows of what you’re speaking. And for really obscure acronyms, include a short explanation.

TMI can really help to CYA!

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