Invest in Yourself!

While I have such a strong sense of light at the end of the tunnel, we don’t yet know if our path leads us through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (a modern engineering wonder, measuring 17.6 miles!) or the AeroDyn Wind Tunnel. This slump, though you may not be working and may be experiencing anxiety, frustration and a whole host of other emotions, could actually be a great opportunity for you to take time to retool.

Technology professionals are quick to make glib observations about how fast technology changes, yet are you really truly aware of the changes that are happening now, the changes that are coming, and how they can (and will!) affect the market demand for the skills you currently use? Reality check: in order to continue working in this industry until your (already postponed) retirement, you need take responsibility for constantly updating your skills, nimbly stepping ahead of the competition, and aggressively jockeying for the opportunity to use those newly acquired skills.

For my money, the ROI on funds used to extend your career until your (please please please) actual retirement is greater than a house on the oceanfront you were able to buy for a-dollar-two-ninety-eight. Maybe you feel the same.

I recently went to a technology symposium where the speakers discussed green energy, the technologies and roles of the future, and the need for today’s IT professionals to retool. And they gave tips on what you should concentrate on.

So, here goes:

  • Data – anything associated with data is going to be needed as our electrical grid moves into the future – mining, analysis, reporting, storage
  • Security – data security and securing the transfer of data will be very important to the smart grid.

In other reading I’ve also learned that Business Process Reengineering will be a big deal in the future – cynically speaking, because by improving the process additional layoffs will be made possible. (Hey, better them than you, right?) And I understand that there is a Business Process Engineering certification available where most of the courses are online.

Just some tips, from me to you, some things for you to think about. And be sure you invest in yourself first!

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