Using Social Media Networks

I’m currently attending a 10-session webinar series on utilizing Social Media Networks. The knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenters are convinced that their “committed, consistent, and constant” use of a combination of blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and various niche services, is responsible for the exponential growth of their businesses.

I’m still working out how to use various networks in pursuit of my business – locating high quality candidates perfectly suited for consulting opportunities. I search LinkedIn and reach out to people I find – if they’re not available, perhaps they know someone who is. I’ve joined LinkedIn groups and posted opportunities in the Jobs tab. I’ve even started experimenting with posting my needs on Twitter.

I’m curious about how candidates in my network, in my industry, in my geographic area are using Social Media Networks in their job searches.

So please, leave me a comment. Tell me where you are and what kind of IT opportunities you look for. Tell me which networks you’re using, how you’re using them, and which techniques are bringing you results. I want to understand how real people are using these tools.

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