Larissa's Story

Over the next few weeks I'll be hosting guest authors in this space -- professionals from the technology section who are job hunting, professionals who have recently landed new opportunities, and job search experts.

"I need a job!! I’m saying it, my neighbor says it and so does the guy in line in front of me at the grocery store! We are all trying to follow the proper steps to find that all elusive gig that will provide for us financially and, with a bit of luck, make us blissfully happy too! Okay, so scratch the bliss part and just find me a regular paycheck!

In this economy, the job search is not such an easy task. It requires focus, diligence and maybe just a tiny bit of self-study. What do you want to be when you grow up? I ask this of myself each day I troll through the online job postings. Each day I could get a new response too!

Scary, right? It IS scary. If you’re the breadwinner, then you’re probably feeling an enormous amount of pressure. Find that job, get out there and work so you can feed & clothe you’re family. Talk about pressure!

Take a deep breathe, don’t panic. Now that summer is winding down, kids are heading back to school…what is there to do? Don’t spend the entire day scrolling through posting after posting trying to make that intangible job appear. You have skills, you’re an expert in your field; now could be the time to volunteer! Organizations love free labor and remember you’re an expert! You never know what volunteering can do for you and how it can connect you to someone looking for your experience.

If it’s not to be found through volunteering, consider writing that novel you promised you would do ‘some day’. Freelance yourself! If you spent anytime traveling, consider reaching out to travel and leisure magazines and offering your tourism knowledge.

Do not define yourself by what you’ve done over the last five, ten or twenty years. You have other capabilities and now is the perfect time to tap into that unused portion of yourself. Bring YOU back to life by getting creative.

One thing can certainly lead to another; quite possibly opening up a whole new world of opportunity you never considered as a viable, paying job for yourself!"

Larissa is currently working on taking her own advice, while she stalks the elusive, bliss-inducing new job.

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