Learn networking skills for next job

Great information from a local blog:

"Imagine this scenario. You're at a social or civic event and you see someone you think could help you land your next job. Are you too nervous to go up and say hi? And once you're there, how do you leave them with a positive impression of you?

This week, there's a workshop at Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte geared toward helping you build better relationships while searching for work.

Everything is people skills. The repeated advice we hear is network, network, and network. In order to make that successful, every conversation has to be successful," said Susan Green, who founded the Church's Economic Downturn Support Ministry earlier this year. Since then, Green has helped coordinate 15 different workshops. The latest is set for Tuesday and features David Kirkpatrick, a consultant with Dale Carnegie Training.

Kirkpatrick will teach job seekers a seven-step process to improve communication skills. "The point is when someone is searching for a job all of the focus is on them. Through this process, our goal is to put the focus on the other person so that when you're having the conversation it is not so much about what you say, but what you hear from the other person," Kirkpatrick said. "When you have a relationship like that, they are more willing to help you toward your goal and that is the key."

Tuesday's workshop is free and open to anyone. And you do not have to register to attend. Myers Park Baptist Church is at 1900 Queens Road. Look for Heaton Hall behind the sanctuary. The event gets under way at 7:30 p.m. in room 250.

For more information, check out the church's Web site at www.mpbconline.org or call 704-334-7232.

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